Tuesday, October 14, 2008

For those who are addicted to black notebooks......

....or are searching for the perfect one. I've only been journaling for the past few months using a Moleskine, but there are those out there who believe that this type notebook is the Holy Grail of design. There are others who think it is the ultimate status symbol. Others think it's a good design, burdened by hype that rises above it's true value. Others could care less, and just write on scratch paper pulled out of the wastebasket.

There are groups on flicker, mailing lists, and entire websites dedicated to finding just the right combination of good paper, binding, and usability. The perfect Black Notebook. One such site is reviewing every contender in an effort to find the champion. Their most recent review, the Piccadilly line, is surprising some, because it's half the price of the name brand, yet has a better binding. If you want to join in the search, check out Black Cover. They are in the process of cataloging all the Moleskine alternatives that they have reviewed. Plus, if you just send them an email, you can get an entry into a drawing for three Piccadilly notebooks!

What's your holding your notes?

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