Tuesday, October 28, 2008

On Hold mute

You know what would be a huge feature of a phone system that could change people's attitudes on a phone call? Having the ability of toggling the on-hold message on or off. Half of the times when I'm on hold, the message is either loud and annoying, or so repetitive that I want to have a running fit. If I could punch it off, I'd prefer just hanging on the phone silently while I wait, and punching back on occasion to make sure I'm still connected. What I don't need is some peppy spokesperson with swingin' background music up-selling me. Or really bad muzac. Or the local traffic and weather of the place I'm calling. (However, I'm always thankful not to be in Chicago in winter, CDW!)

What an idea - put in a feature that enhances the happiness of the people who will call into your new phone system, so that they like calling you! Radical!

from dusty archives - Largo Lodge

[ed. This piece was written some time ago, but I found it recently while moving hard drives on a computer. I thought some folks may find it ...