Monday, August 30, 2010

The iSpot becomes MySpot

As a geek, I have to be connected to the Internet. It's part of my DNA. All geeks understand and can relate to this. With my iPhone, I can grab my region's 3G connection, which, despite the national media and some of my friends' experiences, is not too shabby. Sure, it's not like the WiFi in my house or place of business, or even most coffee shops, but it'll do until I can get to a place that has better service.

Well, recently, Clearwire has released a device that has made my connected wandering the stuff of dreams. The iSpot is a small, white device the size of a bar of bath soap (4" x 2.25" x .5"), and it connects to Clear's 4G WiMax network to offer a hotspot for my iPhone, iPad, and any other iOS device I choose to allow have the password.

During an introductory offer, I saw it was only $25 or so, and the service is $25/month for unlimited data, month to month with no contract. It can serve as the access point for as many as eight iOS devices. From my understanding, it filters the devices out by MAC address, only allowing those that fall within the range of the handhelds. I've not seen any slowdown or delay as I've connected to indicate anything else is happening behind the scenes.

Connecting to the hotspot has clean and easy, and managing the unit via the free software I downloaded from iTunes is simple as well. Getting a signal has sometimes been a bit of trouble, however. In our area, we have quite a bit of coverage, but in some buildings and low-lying areas (such as my neighborhood!), the signal strength drops off to zero. I tried it out in some other, mostly outside areas, however, and the results were nothing short of amazing. Having the Internet in my pocket while on a bike ride means I can stop and edit or write using my server accounts or Evernote, without using my AT&T data minutes. I've biked out to places before and wanted to spend some time there, but had online things that needed attention, so had to leave. Packing this and my iPad will mean I can work online from anywhere - at least within the Clear coverage area.

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Cecile Laurence said...

So glad that you are enjoying the iSpot! We occasionally release new apps and devices, all announced on CLEAR's offical blog/facebook/twitter/etc. I know that it was sometimes frustrating when you were outside of the 4G area so you may want to try the latest app - a coverage finder.

Thanks for the review!

Cecile at CLEAR

Unknown said...

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