Wednesday, July 4, 2012

OK, that does it

I just read a report of Bill Gates' interview from The Charlie Rose Show, and I'm really irritated. There are so many nut cases out there who will not admit, in the face of reason and overwhelming evidence, that the iPad can be used for content creation, not just for consumption. They are touting this Surface non-device, which we've seen no more of than we saw the Courier or that HP slate thing Balmer held up as the next big thing at CES in 2010 (neither of which saw the light of day, btw!), as a productivity machine better than the iPad, and the only thing it'll run at present is the beta of Windows 8. How is this going to be different from the tablets they have trotted out for the last decade???
Well, just to add my two cents into the growing pile of evidence, this day I am converting this blog to an iPad-only blog. I will only create articles and post them from the iPad from now on. The subject matter may vary, as it has, but it's only going to be coming from what I can get to post from an iPad.
Currently, I am using an original wifi-only model. I purchased this before the wifi+3G model was even on the market. It has no camera, so I'll be using PhotoStream and other editing software, but I may be getting a new iPad soon. We'll just have to see how this goes.
For now, just know that this is content, produced and published on an iPad. Consume that, Billy-boy!
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