Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year, New Thoughts

So many people post new year resolutions, thoughts on making a new start, etc., around this time of year. Or they look back wistfully over the past year and reminisce about things that could have, should have been. Me, I'm just keeping on keeping on. I'm still riding my bike every pretty day I can, still walking the dog as often as he needs, still loving my wife, still going to work even on days I'd rather stay at home. Sometimes, life is more about being consistent and continuing on a well-worn path than changing things and breaking off in new directions. It's also about more than regrets and sighing over things that never happened, or living in some past glory. Sure, we need to stop and "take stock of the situation" every now and again, and the new year is as good a time as any, but I don't feel everyone's biological clock is up to that at this time of year.
In my business (retail tech sales and support), things are quite hopped up this time of year. I work right up to the holidays, and then have to go back in without more than a day or so off, because folks need help with the new gee-haw that they were given. My time to sit back and chew my cud is in the spring or fall, during the seasons of change. Being outside, enjoying God's beautiful creation is more reflective for me than sitting by a fire, dozing or reading.
This time of year, I'm wanting to get into more depth with the things I use, the tech that I work on. I want to spend time going deeper, rather than relaxing by the frosty window, wishing it would stop raining or blowing or whatever.

Sometimes, it's tough to know when to stop and look back, and when to keep plowing ahead. If you're one of those who stop and ponder, don't let the cold freeze you out of getting started back. Keep plugging away at what you know you're good at, and improving what you know needs it. As fun as a spy thriller is to chew through, toss in some non-fiction or a book from your professional area, just to keep the saw sharp. You may find the going easier when you get back from your vacation.

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