Thursday, September 12, 2013

Let's end plug-in issues using computer power

I get so tired of seeing Flash warning error messages when using my Mac. I removed Flash a few years ago and started following the John Gruber rule - if it needs Flash, run it in Chrome. That way, Safari can work without having to keeping that memory hog from eating up resources in the background.

So, to try and spread this mantra around, I have added the note below and send it to the tech support address or form. It's not a demand, or a promise that "I'll never visit your stupid site again!" It's just a suggestion. Anyone who's running a tech support queue can identify with the problem, and the solution is almost trivial - just show the mobile version of the video if the plug-in is out of date. The user will never know! Simple!

Feel free to copy/paste this for your own "End the Flash Update" campaign.

One sees it everywhere on the web: "Please update your Flash player." Why does this ever display, especially on sites like yours that obviously stays up-to-date technically?

I've solved this issue personally (since I swore off Flash a few years ago) by asking my browser to reload the page, but changing the user agent to lie to the server and say I'm on an iPad. Problem solved! The non-flash you hide from desktop users loads and plays just fine.

So, my question: Why confuse those least technical of folks, the ones who will not have updated plug-ins? Think of your mom or your grandmother - do they have any idea how to fix a Flash problem? Of course not! They just let it fester until you're there at Christmas, and you spend all afternoon cleaning up the mess of stuff that slipped through because of old, compromised plugins.

Why not try this: If the user's browser requests a Flash video but their plug-in version is too old, rather than display that message, silently load the non-flash version. This lets them stay on your site, loading page views, rather than going over to Adobe's maze of a site, getting lost, cursing at the computer, decided never to ever use this stupid thing again, I can't believe I ever let that son of mine talk me into this - you get the idea.

It's not like you'd have to convert anything - the mobile-friendly, non-Flash version is sitting there, possibly in the same directory as the Flash version. I bet this would actually lower your tech support queues.

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