Sunday, September 15, 2013

The mobilization of the cyber criminal underground

I'm continuing to be amazed at the varied places I'm finding wifi. I'm at my second car inspection place in my new hometown, and both of them have not only had wifi, but really fast, really open wifi. If you've read this blog at all, you know that mobile computing (without laptops) is a particular interest of mine. I'm using my iPad right now, as are 3-4 others in this place on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. The TV in the corner is blaring away, but everyone is busily keeping up their online lives.

This pervasive use of Internet resources is not without danger, however. If you're using your tablet or phone to do everything, you may not stop and think before you log in to your bank, PayPal, or credit card app. That's where the opportunity for online criminals to hijack your identity credentials comes up. (There's no other thing to call them. They are committing crimes, not just hacking or whatever mild epithet you want to attach to their activity.) I found the info in this graphic alarming, but also infuriating. It's a simple thing to be aware of what you're doing and who's around, but even with the best precautions, the remains some danger. That's why the anger. I want to be comfortable in that corner cafe drinking a cappuccino, not watching over my shoulder in case some goon is trying to steal my money or impersonate me at a store and charge things to my account.

The Cybercriminal Underground

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So, bottom line, be careful out there! It can be a jungle or the Wild West, or whatever metaphor you choose to use, so there's reason for all pioneers to be on their guard.

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