Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A Night on the Town

I'm a people person. I can't help it - both of my parents were, and it was actively encouraged, rather than discouraged, from an early age. This has led me through a succession of jobs facing the public, starting with a paper route in middle school (we called it junior high back in those days), restaurant work (never back of house!), sales of all types, training, teaching, music (leading choirs and orchestras and congregations of all sizes), and, finally, at home phone tech support. Wait - what?

Yeah, I am now working full time from my house, by myself (well, alongside Jack, my faithful companion), 40 hours a week. I really like it, since we have a thriving online team who, although spread from California to Florida to Pennsylvania, assist each other continually throughout the day. I've been doing it a month now, and still really enjoy it, with one small caveat - I really miss people! I previously worked in a very busy retail environment with scores of active, outgoing (some would say crazy!) young people, plus a veritable river of customers daily. I actually sought quiet during lunch, it was so hyper!

But now, I'm climbing the walls by quitting time, when the rest of the family (the introverts) crash through the door seeking that quiet I've been bogarting all day. This has been going on for four weeks now, and I've been bugging the Lovely Bride almost every evening to meet me for dinner or coffee or something! She's been willing for at least a day a week, but I think I've finally worn out my ability to drag her out. Tonight, after spending the entire day home on her "mental health day," I invited her out and got an over-the-glasses look that would have frozen the surface of the sun. Not gonna happen, bucko!

So, here I sit at the bar at FullSteam Brewery, with greasy fingers from an American Meltdown sandwich smearing my iPad screen, finishing a wonderful Rocket Science IPA, surrounded by loud, jovial, slightly tipsy folks, listening to some combination of hip hop, funk, and island/reggae, trying out how to schedule days like this on a regular basis. With the offerings here in Durham, I think it'll be an interesting summer.

Watch this space for details…

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