Monday, February 8, 2016

It doesn't happen often…

Walking into The Coffee Element, a narrow storefront in a non-descript strip shopping center, you wouldn't expect much. Sandwiched between hair salons, Asian food places, and chain shops, you walk past a few outdoor tables and through the typical glass doors. At that point, everything changes.

When you walk in, it's welcoming, clean, and bright. A seating area with decent fake-leather couches (not cheap threadbare thrift-shop cast offs), tables, and upholstered chair is on the right of the main aisle. To the left are neatly arranged square tables. On the wall, there are several 6-plug outlets. On the table between the couches, there's a power strip with 8 outlets and two USB 2.1A ports.
So, after this surprising sight, you walk back to order, past a well-lit case of pastries, all neatly arranged and plated, and place your order. I expected the barista to scream out my name after I sat down and got comfortable, but she walked out and brought it straight to me! Sure, it was after 5 PM, and the place wasn't busy at all, but still…
The cappuccino was foamy and tasty, served in a ceramic mug with the store logo on it. 

Like the title says, it doesn't happen often, but when it does, it's quite nice!